Too Faced Be My Lover Review

Too Faced has launched four cute mini palettes and I am happy to present the new Too Faced Be My Lover eyeshadow palette.

The tones in the swatch are built from 2 (for flash) to 3 (for matte) layers. The matte tone is on the drier side. For the 3 flashes in the lower right corner, only the lavender tone is more silky and smooth, but the other two (especially the deep purple on the far right) are not so silky and slightly dry.

The scent or scent of the Be My Lover palette is rose scent. To me, it doesn’t smell like fresh flowers, but it smells more like soap and slightly old lady perfume. The smell is not strong and I can hardly smell it when I open the palette. I have to be close to smell the fragrance. It will not stay on my eyes after using it.

It is worth mentioning that I did not find talcum powder in the composition of this palette. If it’s really not because of omission, then I would admire it.

Compared to other recent palettes, I actually don’t feel much difference in the quality or performance of these shades. But it is not very colored, depending on your preference, it may be good or bad.

In short, it is still my favorite color palette, and I recommend it to you!




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