Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm Lip Treatment Review

Today I’m introducing Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm Lip Treatment Review

This lip care comes in a beautiful bottle and the applicator is a double-edged sponge applicator, which is easy to apply. Too Faced claims that the formula is powered by super-charged minerals from real meteors, but I don’t know how real this is!

It is a super moisturizing, plumping, soft and nourishing lip balm. It contains fruit oil and conditioning butter, moisturizing coconut water and hyaluronic acid, leaving lips feeling plump and plump.

It has many flavors, from chocolate to summer mango, these aromas are mature!

Coconut, or the original fragrance that started it all, is a pure but charming pale pink with moisturizing and plumping properties! The overall feeling is nourished, satisfied and “combined”. You will feel a very slight tingling sensation.

Banana is actually one of my favorites in this series! The level of hydration is comparable to the “original” scent/hue, delicate and aromatic, but not too strong. The texture is mild and the hue is not yellow, but a very pure light nude shade.

Watermelon, it smells exactly like the 2019 Too Faced watermelon series! It is powerful, but the notes are very cheerful. Product ingredients include shea butter, coconut, mango, and even barley! !

Mango is my second favorite banana kiss scent! It is more mellow and smells better than Watermelon Kiss, and is a perfect “middle” tone. I also appreciate the warm apricot shade of my neutral tone because it brings an overall glow to my skin.

Chocolate is sacred! Don’t expect a domineering fragrance, expect a strong natural cocoa fragrance. It is very mellow and full of pigments. Although darker than other colors, it is still very flattering, moisturizing and beautiful!

Overall, this series is beautiful and suitable for summer! Especially in such a difficult period during COVID, odor therapy is sacred.




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