Too Faced Hangover Primer Review

Hope you are doing well! Today, I will introduce Too Faced Hangover primer! Just like any other Too Faced product, this really interests me. This company will never stop providing quality and beautiful products.

The product comes in a tube packaging with a pump dispenser, which is very convenient when you need a quick repair. However, it can be worrying when the product runs out, because there may still be some remaining product at the tip of the package.

This is a revolutionary makeup primer that is infused with coconut water, a probiotic ingredient and skin activator. They work together to enhance the skin’s luster, promote elasticity and help moisturize, while locking in the makeup and making it fresher , Longer lasting, and more perfect wear.

The formula is very thin and feels very smooth. This primer smells like coconut and summer. The lasting power is also impressive! The formula is very smooth, but it is also a bit sticky, just like a foundation binder.

Let me talk about my experience. After a few seconds, it will have a slightly sticky or greasy appearance and then dry out. The skin feels very soft, moisturized and moisturized. It does not make fine lines or pores disappear like a silicone primer. It makes facial skin look very plump, healthy and hydrated.

Finally, the overall view of this beauty: I like it! If I can only use one primer, 100% is Too Faced Hangover Primer.




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