Too Faced Plump & Prime Review

Too Faced Plump & Prime Primer Serum is a cream.

Too Faced calls it a plump and plump primer essence. The formula contains collagen, and they say that over time, it will make your cheeks more elastic and will make your chin feel more lifted.

Although it has a long list of ingredients, simethicone, nicotinamide and glycerin have a higher proportion, followed by a bunch of plant extracts and oils. The formula also contains squalene. Niacinamide has well-known skin care benefits, including shrinking pores, but the filling effect may only be a temporary result of the silicone in the primer.

The packaging of this primer looks and feels luxurious. The primer is packaged in a home glass bottle with a pump. The bottle body is gilded with embossed letters. The bottle is matte and tender overall, which feels cute and luxurious.

I like its versatility, so you can use it as a primer or overnight serum. I mainly use it as a primer and it keeps my makeup intact all day long. I like how it feels after applying it on my skin because it smooths everything out.

It is a gel-like thin texture, once it settles, it will make the skin feel hydrated and soft.

It is worth noting that it has a slight perfume smell, which is a bit like citrus.

In short, I still like it very much! Have you used Too Faced products? Can you share your experience with me?




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